Now the railway will stop the death of elephants with the sound of a bee

Jan 28 2020 01:51 PM
Now the railway will stop the death of elephants with the sound of a bee

New Delhi: New step is taken to stop the death of animals from coming ahead of the train on the day of Northeast Railway, actually the whole matter is of New Delhi. Where innocent animals come in front of the train. Due to which they are being killed, the Railways took a new step to prevent this, through the setup device, the sound of bee will be extracted. Hearing that sound elephants will not come near the train and thus they can stop the death of this animal.

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The Northeast Railway has a good first attempt to prevent elephants from coming in front of the rail tracks. This setup device is fully prepared to be installed in the Malani-Bahraich meter gauge route 'Plan-B'. A sound will be made through this device, which will move the elephant away from it.

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This device has been used which is a complete success. Before the arrival of the train, the device has to be activated, in which the sound of bees comes and the elephant goes away by listening to this sound whenever the train goes to the wild section. This device will be activated if it talks about the sound of this device, it will be heard up to 50 meters. In research that address the move away from the sound of a running elephant.

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