Protest Rally in Lakhimpur against Russia

On Sunday, the Lakhimpur district witnessed a rise in anti-Russian protests in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In this connection, members of the Lakhimpur district section of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) staged a protest rally in North Lakhimpur town on Sunday evening, marching from Nakari to the Lakhimpur Medical College and Hospital campus.

The political party severely attacked Russia for its "one-sided invasion" of Ukraine by initiating the protest programme. Protesters shouted various slogans during the rally, urging Vladimir Putin to end the invasion. They also shouted chants calling for the dissolution of NATO, which is led by the United States of America, and a plea to all to join against war. The protesters held a protest meeting after the rally, which was organised by Lakhimpur district SUCI (C) leader Birinchi Pegu.

Projjwal Dev, a member of the SUCI (C) State Committee, spoke out against "imperialistic Russia's" military aggression in Ukraine at the meeting. "The battle between American imperialist and Russian imperialism has created a war, and it is a terrible threat to world peace," he stated during a protest meeting, calling on Russia's government to end its aggression against Ukraine.

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