Children should keep these things in mind during board examination

Feb 13 2020 05:21 PM
Children should keep these things in mind during board examination

Board exams have now come to a close. Students are working hard to get good marks. Students engaged in exam preparation may have to be cautious in routine and catering. Here we are telling you some such tips, by adopting which you can prepare yourself fresh and ready for the exam. Do not waste your time in useless things. Stay away from the same especially mobile and internet. Do not let the pressure dominate you. Determine the time to read the most important thing. Apart from this, study in the Brahmi Muhurta if possible. There are advantages of studying in Brahma Muhurta but it is possible only when sleep is complete. For this, you have to sleep fast. If there is sleep in the eyes, then it is no use to open a book. The psychiatrists say that at 4 o'clock in the morning, the hormones that remind and concentration remain active. Along with this, the pineal gland called the third eye of the brain is also active at this time.

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This gland produces the hormone melatonin, which controls the biological clock. The biological clock activates electric energy according to the same dark-light signal. Due to this routine of the body for thousands of years, hormones remain more effective from 4 o'clock in the morning till sunrise. For thousands of years, the body has woken up in the Brahma Muhurta and slept early in the night. The brain and hormones are more active at this time. The melatonin responsible for sleep decreases after 4 in the morning. Increasing the amount of adrenaline and other hormones increase concentration, energy, and circulation of energy. In this case, studying in the early hours is more beneficial for the students, but only by adopting a healthy routine, the benefit of Brahma Muhurta can be taken. The body needs at least six hours of sleep. Students have to make a habit of waking up early in the morning instead of waking up late at night. It is necessary that the students sleep till 9 or maximum 10 o'clock at night.

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He will get more than 6 hours of sleep and he will wake up refreshed in the Brahma Muhurta. The students will have to be cautious in catering along with the routine. Such students should avoid tea-coffee and eat high protein foods. Eating in four installments instead of twice is more beneficial. By improving the same routine and food, their preparation will be better, they will also be protected from diseases. Dietician Mini Sharma of SN Medical College says that children need high protein foods. Do not give fast food, senior food, especially to the children preparing for the exam. Feed children more milk, cheese, gram, fruits. Along with this, the soup should be preferred over tea-coffee. Children should be given balance diet. 60 to 100 grams of pulses, 150-200 grams of seasonal and green vegetables, chapati, raita, rice are necessary in this day. If you eat food twice a day, do it in four installments. Oatmeal and khichdi can also be taken. By doing this, there will be enough energy in the body, there will not be laziness.

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