Possibility of a coup in Nepal, Prachanda says ' Will not let country become Pakistan'
Possibility of a coup in Nepal, Prachanda says ' Will not let country become Pakistan'

Kathmandu: Opposition is continuously attacking against the Oli government caught in China's web in Nepal. China has occupied 10 major places of Nepal. It also houses 72 families from a village. The opposition has continuously attacked China for the kindness of the Oli government. The opposition in Nepal has well understood China's move.

Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda has said on the matter that, "We have heard that Pakistan, Afghanistan or Bangladesh model is being worked on to remain in Nepal's power." But such efforts will not succeed. No one can put us in jail in the name of corruption. It is not easy to run the country with the help of the army, nor is it possible to break the party and run the government with the opposition.

Seeing the attitude of the anti-party camp, it is believed that Oli will be resigned from the post of party president or PM. It is also possible that Oli, who is close to China, will bid farewell to both positions. On Wednesday, KP Oli and Prachanda attacked each other fiercely. Ollie is in the minority in the Standing Committee, but the charges are more on him. According to a report by the Kathmandu Post, according to two members of the opposing camp in the Standing Committee, Oli will be asked to step down as PM.

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