Putin Prefers Biden Over Trump, Citing Experience and Predictability
Putin Prefers Biden Over Trump, Citing Experience and Predictability

Putin's statements regarding the upcoming US presidential election are quite significant. His preference for Biden over Trump is based on his perception of Biden as more experienced and predictable, qualities that Putin seems to value in a political counterpart. Despite this preference, Putin emphasizes that Russia is willing to work with any US leader chosen by the American people.

The tensions between Republicans and Democrats, especially regarding Biden's attempts to increase military aid to Ukraine, may influence Putin's stance. Trump's recent comments about questioning US funding for Ukraine and expressing a desire to reshape the NATO alliance could align more closely with Putin's interests.

Regarding speculation about Biden's health, Putin refrains from commenting, stating that it is not his place to do so. He recalls meeting Biden in June 2021 and refutes allegations about Biden's health issues, asserting that he saw the US leader in good shape.

However, despite any personal preferences, Putin criticizes the Biden administration's policies, particularly concerning Russia-West relations, which he views as flawed. Putin defends Russia's actions in Ukraine as necessary to protect Russian speakers and address perceived threats to Russia's security.

Overall, Putin's remarks provide insight into Russia's perspective on the US election and its broader geopolitical strategies, particularly concerning Ukraine and relations with the West.

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