Queen Elizabeth wears a valuable brooch in the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie

Oct 13 2018 06:41 PM
Queen Elizabeth wears a valuable brooch in the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie

Prince Eugenie, granddaughter of British Queen Elizabeth, has tied up in the marriage ceremony on Friday. Princess Eugenie is married to Jack Brookesbank. Both of them had been dating each other for a long time and now finally this couple married in the private ceremony of their families. Photos of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank's wedding are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Now that the marriage is to Elizabeth's grandaughter and she can not be discussed about it, it can not be so.

At this Royal wedding, Queen Elizabeth wore sky blue colour blazer and skirt and she also had a hat of this color. Elizabeth seemed very beautiful in this outfit. At this age, she always becomes the pride of the field through her beauty. Everyone's eye at the Royal wedding was stuck on Queen Elizabeth's beauty more than her brooch. Elizabeth was wearing her favorite brooch at her granddaughter Princess Eugenie's wedding.

This designer brooch is not a common brooch but it is made of whole 18.8 carat diamonds and it is called 'Cullinan V brooch'. Queen Elizabeth wears these brooch on every big occassion. Recently she also wore this brooch on the Bamalal Annual Trip. In fact, her brooch shows the importance of Royal Family and her tradition. So this brooch is very special for Queen Elizabeth. Let's tell you Prince Eugenie has married Jack Brooksbank in Windsor Castle.

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