Rahul Dev has more to say about the house post eviction

Bigg Boss 10: Rahul Dev is the second celebrity who got evicted from the house this season after Karan Mehra. He has nothing to feel sad after elimination.

Rahul post eviction said, "I am happy that I am out of the house. I think I did not fit into the role of the Bigg Boss house. For me, this is a game. I am 104-films old and I have got love and support from people. I can't stoop low like Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga to sustain in the show,"
"I don't know plotting and all. I can't lose my dignity and values for a show. I have a 19-year-old son and I want to set a good example in front of him."

Rahul stated, "People are pretending to have an affair on the show, unnecessarily screaming or yelling at each other. If this is the protocol of being in Bigg Boss then I am not into it. I was not hypocritical. I was straightforward." "I have been righteous. Even if I am asked to go on the show again I will be the same. If it's boring, be it. I can't be ridiculously entertaining. I am educative enough to understand what is right and wrong. I am a responsible person," Rahul added further.

Rahul considers some contestants his favourite, "My favourite are Rohan, Lopa, Gaurav, Manveer and Manu."

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