Rahul Gandhi's claim on Ladak turns out to be fake, know the full reality of the video
Rahul Gandhi's claim on Ladak turns out to be fake, know the full reality of the video

New Delhi: After PM Modi's visit to Leh, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi shared a video on Twitter saying that Ladakhi is saying that China occupied our land, while PM Modi is saying that on our land No one took possession It is clear that someone is lying. In that video, many people are seen saying that China has infiltrated many areas in the Ladakh region within the Indian border. But now the reality of this video has been revealed.

In fact, in this video, Rahul Gandhi, who are being described as common Ladakhi citizens, are in fact local workers of the Congress. Leh's BDC chairman Skaljang Dorje said its reality, saying that most of the people in Rahul Gandhi's video are Congressmen. In that video, Leh District President of Congress, Leh Youth President of Congress, Leh General Secretary of Congress, Worker of Congress, Former Councilor of Congress. Kargil's people are also seen in Rahul Gandhi's video. There is also a statement of outsiders. Skaljang further said that Ladakh is completely safe, when no one is allowed to go along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) then how is the Congress knowing that China has taken possession of our land. We should trust the army and the government.

He questioned Rahul Gandhi's tweet and said that Rahul Gandhi is lying to the country. All the Congress workers are telling the people the story of the occupation of China over Ladakh by putting up bytes. Rahul Gandhi never trusts the army. Each person in Rahul's video belongs to Congress.

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