Russia says this on the death of American soldiers
Russia says this on the death of American soldiers

There has been a new twist in the case of giving money from the Russians to the Taliban-linked militants of US and coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan in the past. On Friday, it was revealed that the money was paid through contractors in the Taliban. Now on Saturday, a new information has been revealed in this case. Now Russia rejected the fact that he had somehow paid the money to kill the soldiers.

The same President Bledimir Putin's special envoy and former ambassador to Kabul, Zamir Kabulov, said in a television channel program that no program was signed in any way to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. The rumor is being spread. Recalling Operation Cyclone, he said that during the 1980s there was a secret program of the CIA to capture Moscow's enemies in Afghanistan. Zuravilov said that during that time the US had spent billions of dollars, in which thousands of Russians were killed. And this fact is the biggest fact of the time.

In fact, for the past one week, there has been talk of giving money from Russia to Taliban-linked militants to kill US and coalition troops in Afghanistan. After this, some statement is coming on this every day. On the same Monday, it was said that President Donald Trump had been informed in this matter, had told him in writing to the intelligence officials, but then Donald Trump reacted to this and said that in this way, No information was received from. If someone is talking about giving information, then he is lying, it is just a work of spreading rumors. And Donald Trump has clearly told this lie.

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