Rahul Gandhi promised to end the Agnipath scheme and conduct a caste census if voted to power
Rahul Gandhi promised to end the Agnipath scheme and conduct a caste census if voted to power

Mumbai: Addressing a rally in Sakoli, Maharashtra's Bhandara district, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reiterated his party's commitment to waive off loans for farmers if it comes to power at the Centre. He highlighted unemployment and inflation as major issues affecting the country, criticizing the media for overlooking them in favor of coverage on the Prime Minister's programs and celebrity news.

Gandhi assured the crowd that his party would prioritize farmer welfare, promising loan waivers and legal guarantees for Minimum Support Price (MSP). He emphasized the importance of conducting a caste census to address the underrepresentation of Dalits, tribals, and OBCs in various sectors.

The Congress leader pledged to continue the party's legacy of driving revolutions in agriculture, technology, and banking. He announced plans for women's empowerment, proposing a scheme to provide Rs 1 lakh annually to women living below the poverty line.

Critiquing the Centre's Agnipath program, Gandhi promised to scrap it, citing concerns about its alignment with the interests of the army. He challenged Prime Minister Modi to account for his actions in supporting the OBC segment during his tenure.

Accusing the Union government of favoring industrialists over the common people, Gandhi highlighted staggering wealth inequality in the country. He pledged to redirect resources to benefit the poor and criticized Modi for prioritizing religious and divisive rhetoric over addressing economic disparities.

Gandhi singled out Gautam Adani's business interests, alleging preferential treatment during Modi's rule. He criticized Modi's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, contrasting it with the public's urgent need for medical assistance.

Promising to scrap the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and implement a single tax bracket, Gandhi outlined plans for government job creation and youth apprenticeship programs. He reassured the audience of the Congress's commitment to fulfilling its promises and serving the people's interests.

Sakoli, part of the Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha seat, will see Dr. Prashant Padole representing the Congress in the upcoming elections.

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