Rahul Gandhi speaks in China: India, China Relationship is going to be tough
Rahul Gandhi speaks in China: India, China Relationship is going to be tough

CALIFORNIA: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi  said in Calilfornia that India cannot be bullied by China and that relations between the two countries will be "tough" and difficult.

Rahul Gandhi has reiterated that India will not be swayed by China and that the future of the two countries' relationship is likely to be difficult. Gandhi responded a question about the future of India-China relations while speaking to Indian Diaspora at Stanford University in California.

Gandhi recognised the present challenges, mentioning China's takeover of Indian territory and characterised the circumstances as severe. He reaffirmed India's stance, saying that the country could not be bullied. India has emphasised the significance of border stability for a regular bilateral relationship as the continuing border impasse in eastern Ladakh has further strained relations.

He was asked, "How do you see the India-China relationship developing over the next five to ten years?"  It's difficult right now. They have, after all, occupied a portion of our territory. It's hard. Being in a relationship is not too simple. "India cannot be made to submit. That is not going to happen," Gandhi said

Gandhi supported India's strategy of keeping ties with Russia during the conversation, despite pressure from the West because of the situation in the Ukraine. He emphasised that India must put its own interests first and said that it is not dependent on just one nation but rather has a variety of partnerships with many nations.

Gandhi emphasised the importance of India's relationship with the United States and the necessity for cooperation in manufacturing and cutting-edge industries like artificial intelligence and data. He highlighted that a thorough relationship should consider more than just security and defence issues.

India, a sizable nation with its own interests, keeps partnerships with many other countries while constantly changing and striking a balance. Despite the inherent complexity and diversity of international interactions, Gandhi emphasised the significance of fostering better partnerships.

Rahul Gandhi promoted the independent pursuit of India's national interests while upholding a variety of international partnerships. The leader also emphasised the value of cooperation with the US, particularly in fields like manufacturing and emerging technology.

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