Rain, Jo Jung Suk’s agencies deny cheating rumors; Kim Tae Hee, Gummy not related to pro-golfer
Rain, Jo Jung Suk’s agencies deny cheating rumors; Kim Tae Hee, Gummy not related to pro-golfer

As accusations against well-known couples are dominating the news, a fresh cheating rumor has lit up K-town. An initial report was made, according to a number of media publications, concerning a prominent celebrity dating his wife's acquaintance. According to information about this claimed relationship, the person's wife apparently forewarned her husband about living with the pro golfer who is considerably younger than him. According to reports, the two connected at a golf outing.

Since then, the professional golfer has been targeted by online haters, who have deluged her Instagram. The others are occupied in the meantime identifying and accusing numerous power couples. It all began with South Korean beauty queen Kim Tae Hee's marriage to K-pop legend Rain, aka Jung Ji Hoon. His agency dismissed the allegations as absurd. The unfounded rumors, according to Rain Company, aren't worth talking about. In addition, they pledged to file a lawsuit as soon as possible and disclosed that their attorney had already started the procedure.

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On the other hand, actor Jo Jung Suk, who is wed to well-known singer Gummy, came under suspicion from online users. The rumors are untrue, in response to his agency Jam Entertainment. They claim that the actor has never met any female golfers and has no acquaintance with them. He also denies having a romantic involvement with any of them. The agency intends to pursue a vigorous legal defense for the actor.

After several years of dating, Rain and Kim Tae Hee got married in 2017 and now have two daughters. Jo Jung Suk and Gummy began dating in 2013, and in 2018 they performed a promise ceremony. Their daughter resides with them.

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