Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel targeted the BJP, Says ''If you can't be proud of the work..''

Raipur: Bhupesh Baghel (Bhupesh Baghel), the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, has criticised the BJP (BJP). He recently stated, "It's terrible that some individuals are doubting the country's achievements over the previous 70 years. This generation does not have the right to degrade our grandparents and the bourgeoisie if we cannot take pride in their labour. In fact, at the Raipur launch of renowned journalist and author Rashid Kidwai's book "Prime Minister of India- Desh, Dasha, and Disha," he observed, "Even the needle was not created in the nation when it got independent. "What these regimes have done in 70 years," they remark now.

He also remarked, "At the same time, "At the time of the country's independence, there was nothing. Today's generation is inquisitive about the actions of past generations. The price they are paying now for their contributions, hard labour, sacrifices, and penance are quite regrettable. He went on to say, "This generation does not have the right to shame our predecessors, the bourgeoisie if we cannot be proud of their actions. Those who only live in history understand where mistakes were made by examining historical mistakes. Take what you've learned and go on. "It has nothing to do with strangling past."

Simultaneously, the Chief Minister stated, "Taking lessons from the past and moving forward with strong intents and a big stride would undoubtedly benefit the country. Meanwhile, he described the book as follows: "The general public knows as much about all of India's Prime Ministers as they do through the media or other sources. However, journalists who are close to these Prime Ministers have access to information that is not normally made public. In this case, a book on prime ministers authored by a journalist would provide you with new knowledge.'

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