'No idea of lockdown and weekend curfew,' Gehlot govt announced
'No idea of lockdown and weekend curfew,' Gehlot govt announced

Jaipur: State CM Ashok Gehlot has categorically refused to impose lockdown amid ever-increasing corona cases in Rajasthan.  CM Gehlot has also denied imposing a weekend curfew for the time being. On the question of lockdown, CM Ashok Gehlot said the government has no idea of implementing lockdown in the state. People should take precautions and take it seriously.

We want people to follow corona guidelines, CM Gehlot further said. Maintain physical distance, sanitise hands, wear masks and get both doses of the vaccine. It is very important. Not a single one of those who are getting admitted to hospitals right now is serious. This is because most people are vaccinated. Everyone needs to be vaccinated.

He said that there is a difference between the first, the second wave of the corona and now. It is less deadly. In many countries, Omicron cases are coming up, but there has not been a hue and cry last time. The concern is that experts are saying that when it spreads rapidly, it becomes a new variant by becoming many mutants. In such a situation, it becomes the most dangerous. It has spread in 125 countries, but deaths are negligible.

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