Congress MLA sat on a protest in police station to get her nephew released

Jaipur: Ratanada police station in Jodhpur, Rajasthan is once again in the news. At Ratanada police station, MLA of the ruling Congress party sat on a strike at the police station to discharge her nephew. In fact, Meena Kanwar's nephew, MLA from the ruling Congress's Shergarh assembly constituency, was arrested by the police while driving drunk. The police also took challan proceedings against the youth.

When Meena Kanwar came to know about the matter, she and her husband, Umaid Singh, a member of the State Congress Committee, called the police station and tried to relieve the nephew. When the MLA and her husband called but the police didn't listen, MLA Meena Kanwar along with her husband Umaid Singh reached the Ratanada police station and started shouting at the policemen. This is the case of Sunday night.

Congress MLA Meena Kanwar and her husband Umaid Singh from Shergarh in Jodhpur rushed to the police station and clashed with the head constable present there. Meena Kanwar said, 'They are children, if they drank a little too much, then what happens, everyone's children drink. They just did party only.' Now this video of congress MLA is going viral. Meena Kanwar, who is reportedly involved with the police to save her nephew, was reportedly made by a policeman.

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