As the light was turned on, the woman died!
As the light was turned on, the woman died!

Jaipur: Corona has been in full panic all over the world for some time now, the first case of an accident caused by an oxygen concentrator burst in the Gangapur City of Rajasthan has come to light. As soon as a woman switched on the light in the morning in the Rico area of Udai Bend in Gangapur City, the oxygen concentrator caught fire. The entire house was engulfed in fire due to oxygen emanating from the oxygen concentrator.

Santosh Meena, 40, died due to the same fire while Sultan Singh, who has been suffering from coronavirus for two and a half months, has been referred to Jaipur in an injured condition. Both are husband and wife. In fact, Sultan Singh, brother of IAS officer Har Sahai Meena, has been battling coronavirus for the past two and a half months. They were having problems breathing. In such a situation, oxygen was required 24 hours a day.

At the same time, they were kept at home on oxygen with the help of oxygen concentrators. His wife Santosh Meena is the principal at girls' college who used to exercise the ailing husband every day. Due to this, when he switched on the light on Saturday morning, the oxygen concentrator caught fire. The same was true that his two sons, 10 and 12, were in their nanihal. Neighbors somehow tried to save the two couples after seeing them screaming under the wraps of the fire and sent them to the hospital. While his wife died in the hospital, the husband has been referred to Jaipur in a critical condition.

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