ATM hacked by two women, stole away Rs 32 lakh

Jaipur: The Special Operations Group in Rajasthan has arrested two women criminals from Uganda and Gambia. Both women had hacked the bank of Baroda's server through a raspberry pie device and blew Rs 32 lakh from ATM. The ATS and Jaipur SOG with the help of the cyber cell have arrested Laura Keith and Nan Tongo Alexander, residents of Zambia and Uganda. Now, these two women are being interrogated by a team led by SOG Inspector Umed Singh.

After coming to Delhi from abroad, she used to go to Jaipur, Kota, and Udaipur and withdrew money in various cities. They kept changing their location so that their differences could not be opened. This is thus the first case in the country to hack ATM. Special Operations Group ADG Ashok Rathore said that the women had come to Jaipur on July 14 and had roamed around various areas till July to withdraw 32 lakh rupees. The server was easily hacked due to a technical glitch in the bank, but there was no alert. The two women also changed their disguises every day so that they could not be identified by the CCTV camera installed at ATM.

State that the raspberry pie device that hacked the server is like a small computer and motherboard. It is programmed to give commands. The two women put the device in ATM and removed it from the main server through Wi-Fi and then started withdrawing money by creating atm's local server. ATM was working only on the command of these women after becoming a local server. These women had already figured out which banks in the country were working on the old manual setting system and targeted atm of the same banks. Police have arrested both of them and initiated further action.

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