Rajendra Dharker Committee is related to?

Q.  What is the present name of madhya pradesh assembly building?

Answer:  Indira Gandhi Bhavan

Question:  Who was the first Speaker of the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

Answer:  Ishwar Das Rohani

Question:  Who is known as the lion of Vindhya?

Answer:  Srinivas Tiwari

Question:  Under which article is there a Council of Ministers to advise the Governor?

Answer:  Article 163

Question: Who built the Kerwa Dam Palace near Bhopal?

Answer:  Arjun Singh former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh

Question:  Who is the first Chief Minister of India to release the Human Development Report?

Answer: Digvijay Singh

Question:  Who was the first woman Governor of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  Sarla Grewal

Question:  Who has the shortest tenure as chief minister in Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:Arjun Singh only one day in 1985

Question:  Who was the first Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. H.M. kamath

Question: In which building is the State Secretariat of Madhya Pradesh located?

Answer:  Vallabh Bhawan

Question:  Who was the first Upa Lokayukta of Madhya Pradesh?

Answer:  Shri R.G. Bhave

Question:  When was the National Law Academy, Bhopal established?

Answer:  September 2002

Question: How many subjects have been assigned to the Panchayats in the 11th Schedule?

Answer:  29 topics

Question:  What is the rajendra dharker committee related to?

Answer: Pertaining to municipal bodies in Madhya Pradesh

Question:  Where is the Rural Panchayat Training Institute located?

Answer:  Amarkantak

Question- RCVP When was the Naronha Administrative and Managerial Academy renamed as Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Administration?

Answer:  In 1966

Question:  Which article of the Constitution mentions the functions of the Union and The State Public Service Commissions?

Answer:  Article 320

Question:  Under which area do development blocks come under?

Answer-  Janpad Panchayat

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