Defense Minister said about Chinese incursion,
Defense Minister said about Chinese incursion, "sometimes our soldiers also cross the border"

New Delhi: Recently Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that due to differing perceptions about the Line of Actual Control with China, there are incidents of encroachment but no one needs to worry about border security and the forces are fully attentive. During the Zero Hour, Congress impatient Ranjan Chaudhary, referring to the incidents of the Chinese army's alleged arrival in Indian territory, said that our stance against Pakistan remains aggressive, but the government's stand against China which helped it seems soft. He said that the government's attitude towards China is going to cause frustration and why is there so much leniency against it?

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According to information received from sources, on this, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, 'I want to assure the country and through the House that the forces are fully attentive about border security. They are capable of facing any challenge. No two ways about it.' Where he said that the government is fully aware of border security. No need to worry. Singh said that the root cause of such incidents with China is no fixed Line of Actual Control (LAC) between the two countries. Both countries have different perceptions about LAC and due to that many times, Chinese PLA soldiers come inside our border and sometimes our people also go to that side.

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If we talk about the sources, then he said that the forces of the two countries show understanding even in the event of a confrontation and do not allow the deadlock to increase. The Defense Minister said that there are several systems to deal with this type of situation in which issues of encroachment and violation are resolved. These include talks between the NSA, talks at the diplomatic level and talks at the joint secretary level. Singh said that infrastructure like tunnels etc. are also being developed on the border of China.

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