Rajnath Singh says, India is now among the leading 25 countries exporting defence equipment

PUNE: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh praised the Narendra Modi government for the country's progress on Friday, stating that India, which was formerly regarded as the largest importer, is now among the top 25 countries exporting in the defence sector.

"Our country, which was formerly regarded as the largest importer, is now among the top 25 defence exporters. Only outsiders were allowed to purchase defence weapons. Nothing was constructed in India. Imports include tanks, rockets, missiles, and ammunition "While speaking to party workers at an event, the minister said.

Singh also stated that he created a list of 309 items that will not be purchased from other countries after a certain period of time, which has already begun. "India is now regarded as a world power. Residents of other countries who are Indian have told me that they now feel respected. Previously, when Indians spoke at international conferences, no one listened. Now, the whole world listens with interest," he remarked.

He also praised the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), claiming that it is now the world's largest political party, capable of forming the country's government as well. "You must remember who your members are. The BJP is currently not just the country's but also the world's largest political party. We do politics not just to build the government, but to form the country, according to the idea with which we began our journey "Singh explained.

Singh blamed previous governments for the country's progress, saying that citizens had to deal with basic issues before. "Others, like Congress, governed for a long time. People suffered basic challenges such as poverty and unemployment several years after independence. We can't claim to have solved everything, but PM Modi's work is now apparent on the ground "he added.

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