Rakhi Sawant is going to honeymoon alone because of Kangana Ranaut!

Aug 21 2019 04:06 PM
Rakhi Sawant is going to honeymoon alone because of Kangana Ranaut!

Rakhi Sawant, known as the drama queen of the TV industry, is in discussions about something. She is in discussions about her marriage these days, but her fans are not yet sure whether she is married or not. Well, her husband is responsible for what has not yet come before the media.

Deepak Kalal, who still wants to marry Rakhi Sawant, said, "Rakhi can we get married...".

Now, after marriage, Rakhi Sawant has made a different point. "She's going on a London honeymoon alone," Rakhi herself shared a video on Instagram saying, "She will go on a honeymoon alone." "Birmingham and don't know where I'm going. I'm going on a honeymoon. But this time I'm going alone," she said.

Finally, pictures of Rakhi Sawant's husband surfaced!


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Talking further, Rakhi said, "Because I saw Kangana Ranaut's film Queen. Kangana Ranaut went on a honeymoon alone. That's why I'm also going on a honeymoon alone. It's going to be a lot of fun." You all tell you that Rakhi Sawant's only honeymoon is confounding people and it is believed that Rakhi's husband has fought, perhaps so Rakhi has decided to go on a honeymoon alone.

The bad news about Arun Jaitley came up, Rakhi Sawant wrote 'RIP' along with the photo of ex-finance Minister!

By the way, the secret remains to be uncovered whether Rakhi will really go on a honeymoon and whether she is really married or not. Now, on the video that Rakhi Sawant shared, fans are getting funny comments and one user on his video wrote: "Rakhi, Kangana was not married in the film. You've had it. So how is it the same." the other wrote: "But whose hands will you celebrate the honeymoon."

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