Rakhi Sawant made fun of fasting, people got angry after watching the video
Rakhi Sawant made fun of fasting, people got angry after watching the video

Famous actress Rakhi Sawant changed her religion after marriage, so this time she also kept fast. She told the paparazzi on the very first day of Ramadan that she was fasting. Rakhi was seen wearing a burkha and broke the fast in the evening at the time of Iftar. Meanwhile, a new video of Rakhi has surfaced. She was spotted at the airport. He told her that her fast had been broken. She accidentally chewed gum on the flight. After Rakhi's video came out, she started getting trolled a lot.

Rakhi says at the airport, 'My fast is broken, my fast is broken.' When paparazzi asked why, she said, 'In travelling." Accidentally ate chewing gum.' She is chewing gum and posing in front of the camera. Due to this, Rakhi wore a green-coloured printed shirt and white pants.

A person said on the video, 'Did you keep it or not? The video was broken. She tells lies; she only makes fun of the whole religion. Another person said, 'Mad women don't make fun of Islam.' One person commented, 'If I had a camera in my hand, I would have broken the camera with my hands and said, I took your photo and my camera broke.' Similarly, many people have made different comments. Rakhi is living separately from her husband, Adil. First, Rakhi filed a case of assault on Adil; then another woman filed a rape case against him, after which he was jailed. Recently, Rakhi told me that she is going to get divorced soon.

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