Make Bread Khoya Rolls this Rakshabandhan to surprise your brother

Jul 29 2020 05:47 PM
Make Bread Khoya Rolls this Rakshabandhan to surprise your brother

The festive season has begun, and the fun fades without sweets. But if you do not want to buy sweets from the market. So the solution to this problem is this sweet dessert.  Apart from this, your brother will like it. So this time on Rakshabandhan, feed your brother these delicious sweets made with your hands. This simple recipe is called Cham Cham. If you want, you can also call this dessert bread khoya roll. 

Bread Chamcham Ingredients
4 bread slices, 1 bowl Khoya, 1 large bowl of milk, 1 cup sugar powder, orange food colour, 5 to 6 cashews, almonds finely chopped, cardamom powder, small bowl coconut powder, 1/2 cup water, ghee.

-First of all heat the pan on low heat.

-Add sugar and water and boil it. After making the syrup, turn off the gas.

-Cut the edges of the bread and keep it aside.

-Now roast the khoya on a pan and add food colour to it. Cool the khoya and put sugar, cardamom and dry fruits in it and give it a small oval shape and keep it aside.

-Now pour some milk in a deep vessel.

-Take the bread in hands and dip it in milk and take it out.

-Squeeze it well and roll out the khoya balls in it.

-Make these rolls the same way bread rolls are made.

-Now heat the ghee in the pan and keep heating until it becomes golden.

-After this, keep it immersed in hot syrup for some time. Now your bread khoya roll is ready.

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