PM Modi, President Kovind Extend Wishes To Countrymen On Rakshabandhan
PM Modi, President Kovind Extend Wishes To Countrymen On Rakshabandhan

New Delhi: You all must know that today Rakshabandhan, the main festival of brother and sister is being celebrated all over the country. This festival is very important for siblings. In such a situation, there is a lot of enthusiasm among people about this festival symbolizing the love of brother and sister. You all will know that this time for the first time in a century on Raksha Bandhan, Raksha Bandhan is coming in Chaturyoga. It is very fruitful for siblings. Yes and in this yoga, it has been said about the fulfillment of all the wishes of the brother and sister. You can see that on this occasion of Rakshabandhan, from President Ramnath Kovind to Prime Minister Narendra Modi have wished the countrymen.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted and congratulated the countrymen on Rakshabandhan. He wrote in a tweet - 'Many best wishes to all the countrymen on the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan'. President Ramnath Kovind congratulated the countrymen for Rakshabandhan. In his tweet, he wrote, 'Congratulations on Raksha Bandhan, Rakhi is a sacred thread of love and trust that connects sisters in a special bond with brothers. Come, on this day, we reiterate our commitment to honor and protect women.

With this, Amit Shah also congratulated everyone on Rakhi. Amit Shah wrote in a tweet- 'Hearty greetings to all countrymen on the holy festival of Rakshabandhan.' Let us also tell all of you that today, i.e. on August 3, from 6:51 am, Siddhartha Yoga is starting everywhere and this yoga is very fruitful. With this, Uttarashada Nakshatra will be on Raksha Bandhan on August 3 and Shravan Nakshatra from 7:18 am. Very few people know that this is very good in terms of Rakshabandhan.

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