Death Anniversary: The story of the last moments of Queen Laxmibai Bai will give you goosebumps

Jun 17 2019 09:06 AM
Death Anniversary: The story of the last moments of Queen Laxmibai Bai will give you goosebumps

Queen Lakshmi Bai was one of India's most powerful women. Everyone is well aware of his bravery.  she is one of the great heroes of the freedom struggle who did not kneel before the Englishmen but faced them and achieved heroism. Today, june 17, on the occasion of his reunposition, we are going to present the last moments of his life to you as a story.

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Antonia Fraser writes in her book, "The Warrior Queen," "By then an Englishman had reached next to the queen's horse. He raised his sword to attack the queen. The queen also held her sword in the right hand to stop her blow. The sword of the Englishman was so sharp on his head that his forehead exploded and he was almost blinded by the blood that came out of it."

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Even then, the queen exerted all her might and retaliated against the British soldier. But she was able to only injure her shoulder. The queen fell down from the horse. Then one of her soldiers jumped from her horse and took them into her hands and brought them to a nearby temple. The queen was alive by then. The priest of the temple put her dried lips in a bottle and watered the Ganges. The Queen was in very bad shape. Gradually, she was losing her senses. After killing the last soldier, the British soldiers thought they had finished their work.

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Then Rodrick shouted out, "Those people have gone inside the temple. Attack them. The Queen is still alive." The priests, on the other hand, started praying for the Queen. The queen had one eye closed due to an injury caused by the dagger of the English soldier. They saw everything blurred and the words were coming out of their mouths, "...... Damodar... I want him to be yours. Leave under the supervision... Take him to the cantonment... Run take him." Very rarely did he try to remove the beads from his neck. But she couldn't do it and then fainted. The priest of the temple took off her neck and put it in the hand of one of her bodyguards, "Keep it... For Damodar." The queen's breath swerved. His injury left blood entering his lungs. Gradually, she started drowning. Suddenly, as soon as they came back, they said, "The Englishmen shouldn't get my body." There was another blow in their breathand and then everything calmed down. Thus the name of a great queen became immortal in the pages of history.




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