'No Vaccine-No Namkeen' campaign launched in Ratlam

Ratlam: This information may disappoint the snack lovers of Ratlam, popular all over India for Namkeen. That means you have not been vaccinated against corona, you will no longer get snacks from any shop, especially the apple of Ratlam without which the food of snack lovers is incomplete. While marriages are now allowed only after getting vaccinated.

Due to the apathy of the people towards the second dose of Corona, now the organizations and administration selling snacks are showing harshness. In order to help the administration, many shopkeepers in the city have also decided not to give snacks and other items to people who come without vaccines.

However, it is also causing some loss to the shopkeepers. Snack shopkeepers say the administration should be strict with snacks as well as other shops. The administration has also been tough on the wedding ceremony along with the snack shops. A separate stall is being set up at the wedding venue for people who have not been vaccinated against the corona vaccine at the wedding ceremony where people without vaccines are being allowed to attend the wedding ceremony first.

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