Know the unique story of Ravana's devotion to Shiva

There have been many devotees of Lord Shiva and these include all the people. In this, the name comes of Ravana who had the tendencies of the demon society and he used to work for the demon society itself. Yes, it is said that all the demon castes were devotees of Shiva. Now today we are going to tell you the story of Ravana's devotion to Shiva.

Shiva devotee Ravana: It is said that once when Ravana was traveling with his Pushpak plane, he was passing through a forest area on the way. During that time, Shiva was meditating on the mountain of that area. Lord Nandi of Shiva stopped Ravana and said that passing through here is prohibited for all, because God is engrossed in penance. It is said that Ravana got angry on hearing this and he took his plane down and stood in front of Nandi and insulted Nandi and then started to lift the mountain on which Shiva was sitting. After seeing this scene, Shiva pressed the mountain with his thumb and due to this Ravana's hand also got buried. After that he started praying to Shiva to free me. After this incident he became a devotee of Shiva.

Shiva Tandava Stotra: Let all tell you that Ravana has composed many Tantra texts apart from the creation of Shiva Tandava Stotra. Actually, once when Ravana had lifted Mount Kailash, during that time he started taking the whole mountain to Lanka, then Lord Shiva pressed his thumb a little bit, then Mount Kailash again became situated there. After this, Ravana started asking for forgiveness and said- 'Shankar-Shankar' - that is, forgive, forgive and started praising. His apologies and praise are today called 'Shiva Tandava Stotra'.

Shivalinga: Let me tell you that once Ravana did austerity of Shiva and cut off every one of his heads and started offering it in havan. At that time, when the tenth head was beheaded, Shivji held her hand and gave her all her heads again and told her to ask for the groom. At that time Ravana said, I want to establish your Shivling form in Lanka. Then Shivji gave two signs in the form of his Shivling and said that do not keep them on the ground otherwise they will be established there. During that time, Ravana started walking with both of them, but at that time, on the way, he found a small place in Gokarna area. At that time, he asked a shepherd named Baiju to hold both the Shivling and also said not to put it down under any circumstances. At that time Lord Shiva increased the weight of both of them with his illusion and the shepherd kept both of them down. After this, both the Shivling were established there. Today, the manvasha in which both Ravana lingams are placed, the lingam in front of that manju is known as Chandrabal and the one on the back is known as Baijnath.

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