YS Jagan, who appeared with a smile in Republic day celebrations

Jan 27 2021 09:42 PM
YS Jagan, who appeared with a smile in Republic day celebrations

Amravati: The three-month-long armed forces marched with the slogans bharat mataki jai, the Indira Gandhi Municipal Stadium in Vijayawada. The 72nd Republic Day of India was celebrated by the state government on Tuesday. Governor Vishwabhushan Harichandan, Chief Minister YS Jagan, ministers, top officials and public figures attended the ceremony. The governor unfurled the national flag and took the police honor. Later, the parade was observed in a flower-shaped special vehicle. The Chief Minister, ministers, high officials and special invitees in the stadium gallery went ahead. The police march and the performance of the sakatas were impressive. The police parade, led by THE SPECIAL BATTALION INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE SANKABRATA BAGCHI, was led by Rampachodavaram ASP Garikapati Bindu Madhav.

The armed police march after the governor's national flag unveiling was impressive. The Brass band squads of the Indian Army, APSP 2nd Battalion (Kurnool), 3rd Battalion (Kakinada), 9th Battalion (Venkatagiri), 14th Battalion (Anantapur) and 16th Battalion (Visakhapatnam) and brass band squads of 2, 3, 6, 9, 11 and 14 battalions, Mangalagiri Police Pipe Band and Hyderabad AP Unit marched. The Indian Army, APS 16th Battalion (Visakhapatnam), the First, Second and Third Prizes were awarded to the Scotland Pipeline Band of Students of Social Welfare Gurukul School

The government's sakatas, which demonstrated the public interest programs run by CHIEF MINISTER Jagan, have been moving as pragati chariots. The sakatas went on to explain the lights of the Navaratnas in the state. All 14 sakatas were impressed by the welfare and development programmes implemented by the government. Agriculture (seed to farmer's assurance centres), veterinary (Jaganna milk velluva, Jeevakranti scheme), Dr YSR Health Trust (Quality Medicine for people, Village Clinics), Health Family Welfare (Kovid Vaccine, Tests, Care), Village-Ward Secretariats, Comprehensive Shiksha-School Education Department (Today, Our School), Women Development-Child Welfare (YSR Pre Primary School Education System, Anganwadi) , Rural Poverty Alleviation Organization (Serp) (YSR Pension gift to people in the difficult times of Corona, YSR Support, YSR Insurance, YSR Zero Interest), Housing (Houses for all the poor), Revenue (Survey Settlement-Your Land Our Guarantee), Industries (Industrial Andhra Pradesh), Forest (Biodiversity Conservation), Tourism (Venkateswara Swamy Ananda Gopuram, Dasavatara, Elephant Ambari, Kondapalli Koyukkupudi) Housing, Agriculture, Women Development and Child Welfare Department has won first, second and third prizes.

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