More than 60% of Android apps have errors, data may be damaged

More and more smartphones present around the world run on Android systems. In such a situation, if a major defect is detected, it affects Android users around the world. One such problem has been brought to light by ZDNet which says that on an average, 39 security errors and bugs are in the Android apps used which can be used to harm hackers users.

The apps also include banking and payment apps and these faults can cause a lot of loss to users including loss of money. Quoting a report by CyRC, ZDNet said that more than 60 per cent of Android apps have malfunctions and users have no estimate of how badly it can affect them. CyRC has analysed 3,335 free and paid mobile apps on the Google Play Store. This report is based on AtlasVPN data. This means that users who have installed these apps can have unexpected results.

However, these problems are not old and as per the report some of these defects were also noticed 2 years ago and are present till the first quarter of 2021. This means that these problems have still not been fixed. The category of apps that have the most faults are free ones. According to AtlasVPN data, more than 96 per cent of the total number of cases are wrong.

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