New Way To Cook Rice Which Drastically Cuts its Calories

Many people feel that eating rice increases obesity and that is why people are don't eat rice. You may be surprised to know, but rice can also be of great help in weight loss. If you don't know how then read this.

Never eat rice with an empty stomach. This makes you consume more rice. Since rice is rich in calories, take it in a balanced quantity. To keep the calorie levels in the body balanced, you can eat it along with other nutrients like dal and vegetables. Simple rice can increase your calories. In addition, you can also focus on cooking it.

If you don't want the rice to increase your weight, it is important to pay adequate attention to the cooking method.

* First of all, do not cook rice in a cooker. Instead, add water to an open vessel and cook. After cooking the rice, separate the remaining water. This leaves the starch of the rice with water and is not afraid of gaining weight.

* Also, add a few drops of coconut oil to the rice after boiling and allow it to be absorbed for a while. Refrigerate the rice for 12 hours and reheat and eat.

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