Rihanna made national heroine as Barbados becomes a republic: Photos

Rihanna, the international music star, has made headlines once again. In fact, Barbados just bestowed the honour onto Rihanna by naming her a national hero. On social media, several photos from the occasion have gone viral. At the Golden Square Freedom Park event, Rihanna wore a different dress. If we speak about Rihanna's style and dress, she looked stunning with a matching jacket and a white little dress. Meanwhile, her haircut was the focus of everyone's attention.

She received his award from President Dame Sandra Mason before giving a speech at the National Felicitation Ceremony, according to media sources. Rihanna's photos are quickly becoming online sensations. These images of them are quite popular among their fans. 

Let us tell you that Rihanna is also known in real life for her irresponsibility. Rihanna has always shown her support for whichever cause she is involved with. She also spoke out against racism in the United States. Rihanna had spoken out in support of black people. Rihanna's tweet for the Indian farmers' protest caused quite a stir.

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