Video: A ball came to the player giving the interview and then...
Video: A ball came to the player giving the interview and then...

Cricket matches are liked by all and have seen many catches in history that have been liked a lot. But one player took a catch while giving an interview, which you will be surprised to see. Sometimes something happens on the field that everyone is surprised to see. One such case we're going to tell you. One player was giving interviews outside the ground. That's when the ball flew from the ground into the air, with the video going viral. Though he didn't get hurt, and this video is being liked a lot.

In fact, during the interview, when the ball came flying, he caught up at the right time. Ricky Clarke of the Surrey County Cricket Club was giving an interview on the Ashes series. The batsman played the shot and the ball came out of the ground and started coming towards the camera. which Rikki caught. In the video, the camera person and the anchor who is interviewing are nervous about the ball. But the cricketers immediately look back and grab the ball with one hand and laugh at the batsman. As soon as the ball was thrown, Rikki says, "One day in the office. Sorry, where were we?' watch the video here.

You'll also want to see again and again. The video is going viral on social media. Former England captain Michael Vaughan has praised the catch. He shared the video: 'The most spectacular catch ever.' While some people described the catch as false and scripted.

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