Cooking oil prices burning during corona

Amaravati: The Intellipadi asked to make dough nuts as it was near Dussehra, and the oil prices in vijayawada patamata resident A Lakshmi market was stunned to see the prices. The priceof cooking oil surged from Rs 27 to Rs 45 per litre compared to the lockdown. She did not know what to do when the children and her husband insisted on the dough.

Oil prices are competitive with lockdowns
The corona effect has also fallen on the economy as well as cooking oils. Prices have also increased to compete with lockdowns. Business sources say that the price spark is due to the decline in oil imports and domestic use. Our country imports soy oil from Malaysia, Indonesia, Palmolein, Argentina, Brazil, Russia and Ukraine. It is estimated that the average oil consumption in the country is 16 kg per annum.

Demand for businesses growing
On the other hand, the lockdown restrictions gradually dismantled, and the use of oils has increased due to the manufacture of biscuits, including hotels, restaurants and functions that are now reviving. Traders say that prices are rising due to lack of supply.

Compared to last year...
Currently, the oils in the open market range from Rs. 127 to Rs. 145. It is significant that the oil was between Rs 85 and Rs 100 per litre during the same period last year. The prices of oils between Rs 100 and Rs 110 in The Month of March, which was first imposed by the lockdown, are now burning.

Heavily on refined pie..
In July, 5 kg sunflower refined oil tin was Rs 495, which is now Rs 580. Currently, sunflower refined oil Vijaya brand packet is Rs 127 per litre, which was Rs 105 last month.

Reasons for price sparks
Domestically produced oils are not suitable for our needs, increasing the use of oils with long-term lockdown. Refined oil prices have also increased because people prefer low-fat oils during the corona.

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