Rishi Sunak's chair in danger due to no-confidence letter against him? Know why problems increased due to cabinet reshuffle

In a surprising turn of events, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak finds himself under scrutiny from within his own party. The recent cabinet reshuffle saw the removal of Suela Braverman from the position of Home Minister, a move that has triggered an avalanche of discontent within the Conservative party. Conservative MP Andrea Jenkins has escalated the situation by submitting a vote of no confidence against Sunak. Let's delve into the unfolding political drama.

Why a Vote of No Confidence against Sunak?

Andrea Jenkins, chairing the 1922 Committee, penned a letter to Sir Graham Brady, highlighting serious allegations against the current Prime Minister. In the letter, Jenkins expressed her dissatisfaction with Sunak's leadership, stating, "Enough is enough. Our party leader is a person who has been ousted by the party leadership, and it's clear from surveys that the public has also rejected him. The time for Rishi Sunak to step down is now."

Jenkins further accused Sunak of being part of the group that played a significant role in removing Boris Johnson, who led the party to a resounding victory by championing Brexit. With the recent dismissal of Suela Breverman, known for her outspoken honesty, Jenkins believes it is high time for a change at the top.

Challenges for Sunak Amidst Cabinet Reshuffle

The cabinet reshuffle orchestrated by Sunak comes at a precarious time, with dwindling support for the Conservative party. Recent polls indicate a 44% approval rating for the Labour party compared to the Conservative party's 28%. Such statistics hint at a need for leadership change, a sentiment shared by approximately 90% of voters, including 65% from within the Conservative ranks.

The national election is slated for January 2025, but speculations abound that Sunak might call for an early election next year.

Sunak's Predicament with Party Dissent

The Prime Minister faces a dilemma as 15% of Conservative MPs supporting the vote of no confidence could compel him to relinquish his position. Reports suggest that the party's southern faction is discontent with the reshuffle, expressing concerns that a move towards the center might not necessarily secure victories in regular elections.

According to an insider, "They are doing what the previous two Prime Ministers did. They have gone into bunker mode and surrounded themselves with yes-men from all fronts of the party."

Sunak's Stance on the Reshuffle

Sunak, in response to the cabinet reshuffle, emphasized the creation of a united team ready for long-term changes in the country. In a social media post, he stated, "We have formed a cohesive team ready to bring necessary changes to our great nation in the long run. Commerciality, honesty, and experience – this is a team that will be courageous in making the right decisions for our country, not easy decisions."

Who is Andrea Jenkins?

Andrea Jenkins has been serving as the Deputy Chair of the European Research Group (ERG) since 2019. She first entered politics when elected as the Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood in West Yorkshire during the 2015 general elections. Known for her critical stance during Theresa May's tenure, Jenkins has a history of advocating for leadership changes.

History of No-Confidence Motions by Jenkins

Jenkins had previously called for a change in leadership in July 2018 after Minister David Davis resigned from the cabinet. At that time, she submitted an official letter to the 1922 Committee urging a vote of no confidence in Theresa May, demanding 48 MPs' support to trigger a confidence vote. In a political landscape fraught with dissent and uncertainty, Rishi Sunak finds himself at the center of a storm within the Conservative party. The coming days will reveal whether this internal turmoil will result in a significant shift in British leadership.

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