Rough air makes your lips dry, apply these oils

Jul 12 2019 07:19 PM
Rough air makes your lips dry, apply these oils

You use a variety of things for facial beauty. Similarly, people try something to get soft, soft and soft lips. Similarly, cold and dry air steals moisture from your lips and makes them crusted. But by applying nourishing oil, you can return your lip moisturisand and make them soft.  Today we're going to tell you about some of the same oil.

the lavender mint lip oil
Lavender oil is also known to cure dryskin and crusts of the skin. While peppermint relieves torn lips. By mixing these two to treat your lips you will find soft-soft lips. Take a tablespoon of Shia butter in a pot to make it and melt it. Mix a few drops of lavender oil and pepermint oil. When the mixture cools down, fill it in a small container and apply it on the lips twice a day.

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Coconut, Amand, Lemon Lip Oil
Coconut oil and almond oil are natural moisturizers, while lemon oil (lemon oil) is best for pigmented lips. To make this, take a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and half tablespoon almond oil and lemon essential oil. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well. Whenever you feel dry, put it on your lips.

Castor Rose Lip Oil
Castor oil moisturizes the torn lips by going to the inside of the cracks. The same rose (rose) oil is a soothing delight. Pour oil and daily infused oil into a container. Add a little coco butter and vanilla extract and mix well. You can also add a tin if you want. Apply this oil twice a day on your cleaned lips.

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