Rudra and Vanshika start romancing, 22nd September, Yeh Hai Chahatein
Rudra and Vanshika start romancing, 22nd September, Yeh Hai Chahatein

In today's episode, Vanshika begins to get close to Rudra, and he inquires as to her whereabouts. Preesha is watching them, she says, and he responds that Raj is now more crucial. What are they doing here, he queries Pihu. She explains that they were looking for Kalindi in order to confront her. He queries her as to why they are still outside rather than entering. She claims that her neighbors informed them that she had left her home. When he calls the inspector, he learns that she has been moved to a safe house at her request and that her location is confidential. Preesha responds with a nod when he asks if she also believes Raj is innocent.

He states that he will consult his private detective. He calls him and inquires as to Kalindi's whereabouts. He learns and informs her that she is staying in a hotel close to Delhi's outskirts. They will find her there, Rudra assures them. Pihu wonders how to deceive Armaan once more when he asks her to pick up Preesha tomorrow. Preesha informs Pihu the following day that she won't permit her to accompany Kalindi to her hotel and that she will instead accompany her. Pihu informs Armaan that she will be spending a girls' day out with Preesha. Armaan concurs.

When they both arrive at the event, Rudra and Vanshika begin kissing, which makes Preesha envious. Rudra says he will go speak with the front desk clerk about Kalindi. Preesha promises not to share any information with you because they are unable to do so. Rudra goes and says they'll see, but he comes back in vain. They make the decision to remain at the eatery and wait for her to arrive for her meal. They wait and become weary. They should wait for five more minutes, says Rudra. Preesha promises to attend. When Kalindi descends, she is startled to see them and asks what they are doing there.

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