Russia withdraws From 2025 World Expo scheduled to be held in Osaka, Japan
Russia withdraws From 2025 World Expo scheduled to be held in Osaka, Japan

During a plenary session of the Bureau of International Expositions in Paris, a representative from Russia conveyed the decision, citing insufficient communication with the event's hosts as the reason behind Moscow's choice to abstain from participating in the World Expo in Osaka.

The official refrained from providing further details regarding the decision.

Recent indications from the Japanese government had hinted at the potential absence of Russia's involvement in the expo. Hanako Jimi, the minister overseeing the event, expressed uncertainty about Russia's participation, linking it to the ongoing situation surrounding Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Following the presentation by Hiroyuki Ishige, secretary-general of the Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, and others detailing the event's preparation progress, a Russian representative sought permission to address the gathering. Subsequently, the representative announced Russia's resolution to abstain from participating in the expo.

Jimi stated last week, "We cannot anticipate Russia's involvement in the Osaka-Kansai Expo if the current circumstances persist." She highlighted the contradiction between Russia's invasion and the expo's thematic focus on "Designing Future Society for Our Lives."

Russia's announcement follows decisions by Mexico and Estonia, both opting out of participation in the 2025 event in western Japan.

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