Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit India on Dec 6

India-US: On December 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit India for the 21st bilateral summit meeting. The meeting takes place in the midst of a lot of uninformed speculation regarding the state of India-Russia relations. The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin is an opportunity to rebut negative narratives and highlight the current state and future direction of India-Russia relations.

India-Russia relations stem from the India-USSR connection during the Cold War, when the USSR provided India with significant political, economic, and defence assistance. While appreciating the relationship's history, we should concentrate on the objective reasons that give it contemporary relevance. They include bilateral collaboration that is mutually advantageous as well as converging strategic goals, notably in their shared Eurasian space.

Defense cooperation is still an important feature of the collaboration. About 60 to 70 percent of our armed forces' weapons and equipment are Russian-made. Russia has a long history of providing and sharing military technologies that other countries have not. This is demonstrated by the upcoming delivery of the S-400, a cutting-edge air defence system. India has diversified its arms procurement sources during the last decade to minimise overdependence on a single source. France, Israel, and the United States now account for a significant portion of India's weaponry imports. Despite this, Russia has supplied roughly half of our arms shipments in the last five years.

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