Russia's 'double attack' on Ukraine, 'cyber attack' after military attack
Russia's 'double attack' on Ukraine, 'cyber attack' after military attack

Russia has invaded Ukraine. While Russia is carrying out military attacks on Ukraine, on the other hand, it has also launched a cyber attack. A terrible software targeting hundreds of computers has surfaced in Ukraine. According to cybersecurity firm ESTE, this software has attacked many computers in Ukraine. In a statement posted on Twitter, the company said the data-destroying program has been installed in hundreds of machines in the country. 

Preparations for this attack have been made for the past several months. According to information received from Vikram Thakur of cyber security firm Symantec, this software is spread on a large scale. "We have seen its activity throughout Ukraine and across Latvia," he said, adding that it was not clear who was behind the attack. However, Russia is being suspected at first sight. 

Russia has been accused of cyberattacks many times before. However, Russia has denied these allegations. Cybersecurity experts are investigating the software that targeted Ukraine. He uploaded a copy of it on Alphabet's crowdsourced cybersecurity site VirusTotal, to gather news about its capabilities. Experts found that this software has been digitally signed through a certificate. The certificate has been issued to Hermetica Digital Ltd. Because the operating system uses code-signing in the initial check of any software. In this way, the certificate is designed to avoid anti-virus protection. According to Brain Kime, VP of U.S. cybersecurity firm ZeroFox, securing a certificate in this way is not a big deal. The address of the company in whose name this certificate has been issued is one year old and it does not have a website. 

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