Salman Khan brings a special gift for Abdu Rozik for the first Weekend Ka Vaar: Bigg Boss 16
Salman Khan brings a special gift for Abdu Rozik for the first Weekend Ka Vaar: Bigg Boss 16

The action-packed episode's promos are now available for the first Bigg Boss 16 weekend ka vaar. Salman Khan, the show's host, entered the Bigg Boss 16 house because this is the first episode to take place without the COVID restriction, which had been in place for two years. In a grand entrance with dhol beats playing in the background, The Dabangg Khan entered the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Salman Khan hosted the show inside the home, as shown in the promotional video. In the garden and the activity area, a lovely set-up was created for the episode. In the advertisement, Abdu Rozik rushes over to greet Salman Khan as soon as he steps inside the home and gives him a bear hug. He hosted the show in the garden area while seated on a massive chair. For Abdu Rozik, Salman Khan purchased a unique gift.

Those who watched the episode are probably already aware that Salman Khan granted Abdu's request for some small dumbbells. Abdu's joy knew no limits as he jumped for joy when he opened the box. Salman Khan can be seen making fun of Abdu by suggesting that he should work out in order to impress the show's attractive female cast members.

In the following scene of the video, Salman Khan sits down with the entire cast for dinner and is seen imparting wisdom to them. He encourages them to be themselves and not try to sound like the previous contestants. He specifically mentions Gautam Singh Vig by name and claims that he lacks authenticity. After that, he asks MC Stan, whom he claims is not real, and the latter answers with Shalin Bhanot. Even so, he expresses the opinion that Shalin is still acting.

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