Sambhavna Seth opens up about her complications of conceiving a child

Sambhavna Seth, who currently got back with husband Avinash Dwivedi from Thailand, shared a video clip about remaining body confident. This comes after the actress' weight gain due to failed IVF cycles.

In her clip, Sambhavna, who has been called out for looking not perfect in current times, said, "I want to share something with you today. In current videos, you must have noticed I have been asking my husband if I have put on weight. It is something I notice. I have seen myself in a fit body when I was able to dance easily. Now also I dance easily but with a not so fit body because of my health issues. I feel even I should tell myself that anyone's body cannot remain the same or perfect."

She said, "Body changes with time, age and health issues but you should remain self-confident. I feel if I have fallen down today, I will shine another day and move on. I will not ask others for self-assurance. We should celebrate our age, face and body rather than go down the dumps. Keeping a good approach is necessary."

The actress wrote below the clip, "Ye Sun lo Sab...We have to be positive in all the situations...Yes, I'm going through health issues but I will come out of it very soon...Let’s not be mean to people..Kisi ko koi bhi issue ho sakti hai...Jaruri hai to stay positive."

She was appreciated by close friend, Diandra Soares, in the comment section who wrote, "You are super confident and savage. F*** size. But having said that now we have more of you to love. Speedy recovery from health problems."

Even FIR fame Kavita Kaushik wrote, "Your confidence is in the fact that you are a fireball of Loyalty, beauty, compassion, warmth, talent and humor which is not decided by inches on you! You look more gorgeous to me than ever because you are an epitome of power, gir ke uthne wali lambi race ki ghodi hai meri dost, you aren't flavor of the season you are a season yourself Always fire!"

It is only recently that Sambhavna Seth opened up about her struggles of conceiving a baby and how she has been through several cycles of failed IVF. It has led to hormonal imbalances and other weight gain in her body. She revealed it all after having been trolled online for putting on weight.

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