Sandalwood Drug case: This cricketer along with Kannada actor Mada Yogi to be investigated

Sep 23 2020 02:08 PM
Sandalwood Drug case: This cricketer along with Kannada actor Mada Yogi to be investigated

The infamous Snadalwod Drug Racket is getting complexed day by day as new comes are coming to the fore. While CCB is digging deep into Sandalwood Drug connect, the Internal Security Department (ISD) is silently tightening noose around leading celebrities that include film stars, television personalities and cricketers with regard to drug abuse. On Monday, the ISD interrogated Kannada cinema hero Yogi aka Loose Mada and cricketer N C Ayyappa and have issued notice to many other couple of television industry personalities.

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As already Kannada stars Ragini and Sanjjana Galrani are under the arrest of CCB, many new names that have links with the drug scandal are coming to the fore. Last month, ISD had arrested a drug peddler and had registered a case against him. ISD ADGP Bhaskar Rao said that the seller had revealed a lot of names during interrogation that took place. "We have a list of names and we are interrogating them one by one," Bhaskar Rao stated when asked by reporters.

Sandalwood Drug Racket: Now these celebrities are being questioned

Apart from Yogi and Ayyappa, ISD has also interrogated two girls from the television industry namely Rashmi Chengappa and Nishchitha.  Nischitha is an Executive Producer at a private television channel. Both Ayyappa and Yogi dismissed any of their links with drug peddlers. Meanwhile, ISD has issued notice to two more television actors namely Abhishek and Geetha Bharathi Bhat and they are scheduled to appear before the  officers today.

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