Sapna Chaudhary bangs, fans injured after watching video

Renowned entertainment actress and dancer Sapna Chaudhary has millions of fans across the country. Perhaps that's why each of his posts goes viral on social media. Sapna is very active on Instagram and keeps sharing reels and photos for fans. Sapna has shared a new reel in which she is seen wearing a Lehnga and dancing to Bollywood actress Urmila's Chhamma-Chhamma songs.

Fans are very fond of this video of the same 'Sapna' and are making a lot of comments. Sapna is wearing a pink and blue skirt in the video. Sapna is dancing in the popular song 'Chhamma Chhamma' from the Bollywood film 'China Gate'. The avatar of the dream looks completely 'desi'. He has liked more than 1 lakh on this Insta reel so far.



There are around 800 comments on this. Commenting on this reel, one person wrote - 'tum aaye ho UP Bihar lootne', while the other wrote 'Param Sundari' This post of Sapna has won the hearts of fans. Another person wrote, "Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh all your songs are incomplete without your flame!!" If we do the same thing about Sapna Chaudhary's work front, then her song 'Lori' was the biggest hit song of this year. This song has got more than 100 million views.

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