At this time on Sawan Shivratri, Bholenath's worship will make you successful!

Jul 30 2019 02:20 PM
At this time on Sawan Shivratri, Bholenath's worship will make you successful!

The month of Sawan is celebrated with the heart of Bholenath and Lord Shiva is worshipped during this month. The month of Shravana has begun from 17th July and the Sawan month is considered to be a very important and holy month in Hinduism. Tell all of you that worshipping Shiva in this month brings special fruits and benefits to the devotees.

On the other hand, 30 days of Sawan is considered to be the best time to surrender with reverence for Lord Shiva. By 3:40 p.m., the Humida Nakshatra will have a special fruitful and has its own significance of Nishirth Puja, the night worship of the mean.

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According to astrology, Kalyanathis are said to worship Shri Shiva by awakening at night Vela and fasting on this date and offering eleven paired Bilva Leaves to the beloved of Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the boys and girls get married quickly and psychologically and Lord Shiva is the only one.

There are gods whose whole family is worshipped together because their family is also detersive in the duel, Kartikeya Ji's Peacock wants to eat Shiva's snake and the serpent is Ganesha's mouse. On the other hand, the lion of Mataji runs to eat the bull of his master. It is said that a woman, Swarupa, is sitting on the head of the Ganges.

Today is The Second Monday of Sawan, Shiv Temple decorated with flowers and Bilva Patra

So there are other Parvati and reflections in the past, yet Shiva is beyond that, everyone is going to remove the meaning of suffering, so by dedicating 30 days of the year to Shri Shiva with reverence, we also want to be independent away from the ill-effects of deprivation. Devotees of Shiva go to Shiva's refuge. Therefore, on this day, Shiva is liberated from all kinds of sufferings by performing Rudrabhaishek and therefore, one should worship him on this day.

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