Know auspicious occasion of marriage, buying house-car in Nov-Dec
Know auspicious occasion of marriage, buying house-car in Nov-Dec

The auspicious occasions of weddings have begun. With tulsi marriage on Devuthani Ekadashi, auspicious works like the inauguration, Griha Pravesh, including marriage and ceremony, begin. Earlier, all these auspicious works are prohibited due to Chaturmas. In Chaturmas, Lord Vishnu remains asleep, which keeps all good deeds closed. Shubh Muhurat has started on 14th November 2021. Let us know how many and what are the auspicious occasions for marriage, Griha Pravesh, etc.

Auspicious Occasions of November 2021 and December 2021:-
Auspicious occasions for marriage in November 2021: According to Vedic Panchag, 5 days are auspicious for marriage in November 2021. It is headed by 20th November, 21st November, 28th November, 29th November and 30th November.
Auspicious occasions for marriage in December 2021:- There are 6 auspicious days for marriage in December. It has the most auspicious 1st December, 2nd December, 6th December, 7th December, 11th December and 13th December.

The auspicious occasion of Griha Pravesh in November 2021:-
According to Panchang, there are two auspicious occasions for Griha Pravesh in the remaining days in November. One is 20th And the other is 29th November, Monday. While December is just 13th December, Monday is the auspicious day for Griha Pravesh.

Auspicious occasions for buying a house or land:-
2 days 25th November and 26th November are auspicious for buying a house or land in November. There are 7 auspicious days to purchase a house and land in December. These are 2nd December, 3rd December, 10th December, 23rd December, 24th December, 30th December and 31st December.

Auspicious time to buy a car:-
4 days are auspicious to purchase a new car in November 2021. These are 21st November, 24th November, 25th November and 29th November.

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