Sheild buried Shane Mcmahon, WWE rocks on Twitter

RAW did not attack all at once, but in various phases. As they emerged from the crowd in clumps and collective, they lay waste to the SmackDown Live locker room.The fans were voracious as they saw one of the best segments from this year play out in front of them.



In some ways, holding out for this long was worth it, when it came to RAW's revenge. It just made the segment feel more personal and vicious. Kudos to WWE for one of the most memorable, entertaining and engrossing segments in recent memories. At ringside, Balor, Joe and Crews came out. Shane ran down to the ring at this point together with some of his wrestlers to even the odds.



But Kurt Angle came out and introduced Braun Strowman to the fray at this point and if the scales weren’t tipped already, this was it.

RAW decimated SmackDown. The Shield made Shane watch as his roster got eliminate. Samoa Joe snapped the residual of Woods’ trombone across Big E’s back. Kurt Angle got into the ring at this point to face Shane, who was being held down by The Shield. Angle then gave Shane the thumbs down and The Shield triple powerbombed him. Angle then took off his jacket and hit Shane with an Angle Slam.


The Shield finished Shane off with one last Triple Powerbomb as Smackdown Live went off the air.



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