Shinco introduced the cheapest 43 inch smart TV

Jul 02 2020 10:29 AM
Shinco introduced the cheapest 43 inch smart TV

Google has once again removed 25 mobile apps from the Play Store by taking major action. Explain that Google has taken this action regarding data theft. All of these were stealing Facebook usage data. These apps were given to Google by Evina, a French cyber security firm. At the same time these apps have been downloaded more than 25 lakhs. Many of these apps were on the Google Play Store for the past two years. Evina has given information about these apps in one of her blogs.

Most of these apps were related to video editing, flash lights and wallpapers. For your information, let us know that among these, apps like Super Wallpapers Flashlight and Padenatef have been downloaded more than half a million times. Has been opened in itself.

After this, as soon as they got Facebook app, they used to launch a fake page of Facebook login. In such a situation, the consumer felt that he was logging into the actual Facebook app, at the moment he was logging on to a fake Facebook page. After this, these apps used to steal the user's ID and password. At the same time, once the data is received, these hackers could make any changes in your Facebook app.

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