Shiv Thakare yells at Shalin Bhanot, during their argument: Bigg Boss 16
Shiv Thakare yells at Shalin Bhanot, during their argument: Bigg Boss 16

The contentious television programme Bigg Boss 16 is increasing the show's level of entertainment and competition. Contestants Shiv Thakare and Shalin Bhanot argued in the most recent episode after the former referred to Shalin as "unpredictable." Shiv disagreed when Shalin questioned whether he had any personal issues with him. However, when the two began exchanging threats, things deteriorated further.

In an intriguing segment that Karan Johar introduced, competitors had to spray water on the competitors they believed needed a clear head. Some thought about throwing water at Shalin as well because most of the contestants were throwing it at Priyanka. Shiv Thackeray doused Shalin Bhanot with cold water by saying that he believes the latter to be "unpredictable" and possess a "personality switch."

Shalin rejected it and made the decision to confront him over the same. Later, he queries him regarding the meaning of his statement. He was informed by Shiv that he believes he has a dual nature and that he is unable to understand his personality. In response, Shalin said that it was time to reveal his true self.

It was unsuccessful for other contestants to calm the two. Priyanka received the most votes in Karan Johar's segment despite everyone urging her to have a pure heart. Priyanka was referred to as "Mother Teresa" by Tina Datta, but Gori Nagori claimed that Priyanka tries to play "everyone's mom" in the show. Priyanka, on the other hand, defended herself by saying that she is only engaged in her own game.

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