Political mercury heats on 'temple' in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena surrounds BJP
Political mercury heats on 'temple' in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena surrounds BJP

Mumbai: Shiv Sena has attacked the Ghantanad movement being launched by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to open temples in the mouthpiece Saamana. It is written in Saamana that Devendra Fadnavis says that after opening religious places, people know how to keep physical distance, but after seeing the pictures of the Ghantanad movement, which came from the BJP, it was understood that how there has been a fun of 'distancing' norms. 

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Therefore, in the matter of opening the temples, it is important to understand the situation in Maharashtra before speaking anything to the opponents. The peace of mind that the opposition party leaders are announcing, it should be understood in the true sense. The path of peace of mind passes through renunciation. Peace of mind is like Mahatma Gautama Buddha, Vardhaman Mahavira and Swami Vivekananda. Gautam Buddha not only sacrificed the kingdom for peace of mind but also performed austerity. Will today's politicians give up like this?

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Shivsena wrote that burning a two-time stove is peace of mind for millions of people and many people find the path to peace of mind only by the attainment of a political chair. Freedom fighter Madanlal Dhingra had achieved peace of mind before going to the gallows. Veer Baji Prabhu Deshpande got peace of mind only after hearing the thunder of five cannons. Peace of mind is also found in national, religious and social works. The locks of temples should be opened but not for political peace of mind. Keep the people alive first, then look forward!

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