At the time of Shraadh, a crow gives auspicious and inauspicious signs; know more

Sep 12 2019 04:20 PM
At the time of Shraadh, a crow gives auspicious and inauspicious signs; know more

Shraddh is starting on 13 September. In such a situation, everyone tries to please their forefathers. It is said that this auspicious time comes only once a year and all your wishes are also fulfilled by donations made at this time. With this, you know that at this time the ancestors come to eat in the form of crows, but with this, they also make you alert to the auspicious and inauspicious things that come in your life. Yes, now today we are going to tell you about those auspicious and inauspicious signs which come to give ancestors at the time of Shradh.

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* It is said that during this time, if a crow appears near your house with flowers or thongs in its beak, then it means that all the desires in your mind will be fulfilled soon.

* If a crow is seen sitting on the cow's back during the Shraddh, it means that you are going to get money very soon. Whereas if the crow is sitting on the camel's back, the journey is efficient and if the crow is seen floating in the dust. If given, it is going to rain in that place.

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* It is said that if crow finds you sitting on a pile of grains at the time of Shraddh, then you will not have any shortage of food grains throughout your life and also you are going to get money from somewhere.

* At the time of Shraddh, if a crow sits on the roof of your house, then understand that a guest is going to come to your house.

* With this, if the crow comes from the left side and accepts your offerings, then it makes the journey comfortable. It is said at the time of Shraddh that if the crow comes from the front and accepts the head and then scratches your head, then all your stopped work is successful, and with this, if the crow sits on the rhythm of the well after eating the offerings, then you will get some lost thing back.

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